Welcome to the lipid lab!


The Laboratory of Lipid Metabolism & Metabolic Diseases forms part of the Biomedical Research and Innovation Institute of Cadiz (INiBICA) and the Department of Biomedicine, Biotechnology and Public Health at the University of Cadiz (Cadiz, Spain).

We study how lipids are metabolized and why defects in lipid metabolism cause serious human diseases, such as obesity, fatty liver, and cardiovascular diseases.

In our lab, we use a combination of disease models (our newly developed human liver chimeric mice, transgenic mice, and cellular systems), along with interdisciplinary approaches (physiological and metabolic studies in vivo, ex vivo biochemical analyses, and cutting-edge CRISPR/Cas9 liver-targeted genome engineering) to identify relevant pathways involved in the progression of lipid-related disorders and to manipulate these pathways in order to treat the diseases.